Inspiration from Tom Bentley

23 04 2010

While I was scrolling through my Twitter page the other day, I came across a link that InkyElbows shared: 7 Things I’ve Learned So Far by Tom Bentley. The article is a guest post on the blog Guide to Literary Agents (by Chuck Sambuchino).

In the post, an author who is already published (in this case, Tom Bentley) writes about things (s)he wishes (s)he had known before getting published. In his guest post, Bentley provides 7 pieces of advice, three of which resonated so deeply with me that I had to share them here (with modifications to the pronouns to make it more personal to my own writing journey):

  1. I’m only as good as my next sentence.
  2. Fifteen minutes of working on something is 100 times better than thinking about working on something.
  3. Reading writing blogs … is NOT writing.

The first one reminds me that no matter how happy I am with what I’ve written in the past, I can’t rely on what I’ve already written–I’ve got to keep writing and producing quality work or I won’t be a writer (I’ll be someone who used to be a writer).

The second one is the one that really speaks to me because it’s the one I’m most guilty of. I think about writing MUCH more than I actually write, which can be helpful in some ways because I flesh out what I want for the story in my mind, but unless I’m actually putting words on paper (or on computer), I’m not actually writing… which leads to the third one. I’m addicted to blogging. That’s putting it mildly. Sure, writing in my blogs is a form of writing, but it’s not the writing I should be focused on. So while I should carve time out of my days to write in my blogs because it makes me feel more connected to the world, I should’t let that be the only form of writing I do in any given day.

Tom Bentley has inspired me and given me a little shove that I desperately needed. It’s time to get back to writing!