The Scary World of Publishing

21 01 2010

I enjoy writing.  I like getting wrapped up in a story I’m creating in my head, and I like the idea of being able to share that story with other people who enjoy reading just as much as I do.  The problem, though, is that the publishing world really just scares the crap out of me.  It’s the world of the unknown, and it seems like every time I read advice for writers, it doesn’t actually help.

Then I read a post by Debra L. Schubert on her blog, Write on Target.  She laid out her own journey to getting published and described the bumps she took along the way.  I’ve queried several agents with my manuscript, and my manuscript is currently sitting in some business office as an entry for a writing competition.  I was starting to let myself get discouraged and allowing myself to ask if I could really do it.  Debra’s post both scared and inspired me: She had a long run of submitting queries, attending conferences, and writing, writing, writing before she was signed with an agent.  Her post reminds me that it is difficult, but it is also possible.  But only if I’m willing to really work at it.

I’m scared, but I also believe I have a story others would like to read.  I’m stuck in a waiting game while my manuscript is being judged as part of a competition, but I know that just because I’m waiting for news that shouldn’t mean I’m also waiting to write.  I can do this.

What post/book/article helped you navigate the world of publishing or provided you with the inspiration you needed to keep trying?