Author Bio

Okay, so part of me wanted to do this page separately from the “About” page solely so I could use the word author in conjunction with me.  What writer doesn’t love that?


Who am I?

I am a linguistics professor by day and writer/blogger by morning and night.  When I’m not professing or writing or blogging, I’m reading, yoga-ing, crafting, watching TV, playing with my son, or flying around with my husband (who in his spare time is a private pilot).


Where am I?

I currently live in East Texas; we moved here about six months ago, and it didn’t take me long to figure out that this is EAST Texas–not West Texas, North Texas, or Central Texas.  This state is so huge that you really have to name it by region.  We moved here from Western New York; again, it didn’t take long living there to figure out that Western New York was its own region.  Before that, I lived in Colorado, Missouri, Philadelphia, Germany…


What do I like to read?

Books speak to me–I’ve loved reading since I was a kid and read the Little Critter books and then the Amelia Bedelia books and then the Sleepover Friends books.  The list goes on until it brings me to today.  Some of my favorite authors are Daphne duMaurier, Sarah Addison Allen, Jennifer Donnelly, J.K. Rowling, E.L. Konigsburg, and Trenton Lee Stewart.


What do I write?

Beyond blogs, I like to write within the Young Adult (YA) genre–specifically, YA Fantasy.  It’s interesting because I seemed to skip over the YA books when I was a teenager, reaching instead for my mom’s books.  It wasn’t until I read the Harry Potter books that I realized how much I enjoy YA Fantasy, but I thought maybe it was just limited to liking that particular series.  Part of my dissertation including writing on language patterns within YA fiction, and I found that my data collection process was more fun because of that.  I got to read 20 YA books in one semester and call it “research.”  So I found out how much I liked reading YA, but I didn’t think about writing it until a couple years later.  Before 2007, if I sat down to write, I would try to write something deep and thoughtful and literary, and I never quite enjoyed it because I hadn’t found my own voice.  I knew I loved writing, though, so I wrote journals and notes and musings while trying to figure out how I could write that elusive first novel.  In August 2007, something happened that changed my writing journey: I went to see the movie Stardust with my friend Sarah.  I walked out of the theater, going, “That‘s what I love, so why don’t I write it?”  So I did.  When I got back home after my visit with Sarah, I sat down at my computer and wrote 100 pages in a month.  And I liked it.  I actually enjoyed what I was writing.  In short, I write YA Fantasy because that’s what comes naturally to me.

Because I enjoy reading so much, I started a reading blog, Joie de Lire, in September.  I liked that blog so much that I started a blog for linguistics (SFALingBlog) and the current blog (for writing).  You can find me here or at either of those places or on Twitter, where my user name is joiedelire, or on NaNoWriMo, where my user name is also joiedelire.


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