About the Blog

A blog following one writer as she fearlessly navigates the world of online writing and etiquette, publishing, and writing for personal enjoyment.  Okay, so maybe “fearlessly” was a bit too strong of a word.  Here are a couple questions you might be asking yourself about this blog.


“What can I expect to find on this blog?”

I use this space as my journal of writing, so you can expect to see posts on writing habits (as I try new ones out or stick with old ones), writing tools, writing tidbits, and any interesting things I might want to share with my readers.


“Why should I leave comments?”

To let me know what you think of the posts!  While the blog shares my writing journey, no writing journey is complete without interaction.  I try to answer all comments, and even if I can’t, I definitely read them all. If you’d like to see a post about a topic in particular, leave a suggestion on my post.  For anyone who leaves a comment, I check to see if you, too, have a blog that I can follow.


“Why should I follow this blog?”

Well, that depends.  If you’re looking to follow a blog that features what I listed above, then this is the blog for you.  If you, like me, are a writer at heart (even if you have to do other work throughout the day to pay the bills), then you might enjoy what I have to say.  Also, I like to start discussions in my comment threads, making this a truly interactive experience.  I have found just how powerful online social tools are, and I’m hoping this blog can help me grow my writing community.


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