Page-A-Day Challenge: Day 1

15 05 2010

I announced in my last post that I would be participating in Weronika Janczuk’s Page-A-Day Challenge. The challenge is a writing challenge, and just as the title says, the challenge is to write at least one page a day. Obviously, I can write more than a single page in a day, but it’s not allowed to “store up” days; in other words, even if I write 10 pages in one day, I still have to write at least one page the next day.

I had forgotten that today was the beginning of the challenge until I saw Weronika’s blog post this morning about it. I very nearly backed out (on Day 1, no less!) because I am wiped out from grading end-of-the-semester work. I wanted nothing to do with brain activity. On top of all that, I haven’t been feeling inspired about the writing project I had been working on.

So I decided that instead of working on the same project, I would start a whole new project for this challenge. I had a spark this morning for a new direction, and I went with it. My favorite book of all time is Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier; in an homage to her glorious book, I am writing a book loosely based on the same storyline, but it takes place in modern times in America. I’m proud to report that I wrote nearly 3 pages in my short sitting today. Is this something I’ll ever share with anyone else? I don’t know. But I do look forward to seeing how much I get accomplished over the duration of the challenge.




2 responses

15 05 2010
Emily Marchman

Way to get some writing done! Sometimes starting a new project, even if it’s not a “serious” one is refreshing.

18 05 2010

You’re right–it is refreshing. And it’s a fun project for me because I love the story so much. 🙂

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