Weronika Janczuk’s Page-a-Day Challenge

27 04 2010

Weronika Janczuk has started a month-long challenge on her blog and is eschewing word counts in favor of committing herself to writing a page a day. Of course, if she’s on a role, she won’t stop writing at the end of one page–the goal is to get at least a page and see what happens from there. The link to her blog post is here: http://www.weronikajanczuk.com/2010/04/page-day-challenge.html.

I’m intrigued by her challenge and think I could use some motivation. Because I write in Scrivener, the concept of a page is harder to define, so I’d very nearly have to rely on word counts to make sure I’m getting somewhere around a page (anywhere from 250-350 words, depending on the length of the words I’m using). BUT I still like the idea of lowering expectations so that the daily goal doesn’t seem as daunting. That also seems to work better than time limits–the past few days, I’ve made it a goal to write for 30 minutes a day, but then I didn’t know whether or not to include the time I spent brainstorming or outlining as part of my writing goal. It got me working on my story, but my story didn’t grow in words those days… A page a day would allow me to write a little, spend extra time on planning and/or brainstorming, and revise my other novel in the process.

Like I said, I find her approach intriguing, and I’m thinking about signing on for the challenge. I’m going to think about it first, though, because I’m a little burned after not making it through my last challenge that I signed blindly on with (ScriptFrenzy).




2 responses

27 04 2010
Weronika Janczuk

Thanks for the plug, Jessie! I sure hope you join in – it will be great fun! 🙂

27 04 2010

I think you’ve got a great idea, and I’m heading over to join the challenge now… After thinking about it, I realized there was nothing to lose by signing up. I know I can do a page a day, and at the end of a month, I’ll have at least 30 pages. Your plan is really quite genius!

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