ScriptFrenzy a Bust?

14 04 2010

As much as it hurts me to say this, I think I have to give up on my ScriptFrenzy challenge. I’m still stuck at 11 pages, and it’s nearly halfway through the month. I’m behind on pretty much everything I can be behind on–grading, prepping classes, meeting deadlines–and I feel I should attend to those things that I am getting paid to do rather than spending more time on a script that is quickly going from it’s-so-bad-it’s-funny quality to I-can’t-even-bring-myself-to-finish-this-thing-it’s-so-horrible quality. *sigh*

I don’t like starting challenges I can’t finish, and so I’m stuck between trying to force myself to finish the challenge and keeping my head up and saying, “Next year I’ll be more prepared.” I can’t just quit the challenge and not think that I won’t try again–that’s too much finality for me.

My writing love goes out to all those scriptwriters who are keeping on task and finishing their scripts by April 30. I am saddened that I won’t be able to count myself among the winners, but I think I’ve learned a valuable lesson about switching to new written genres: it’s not as easy as it sounds. Next time around, I’ll be ready to write a not-good-but-not-horrible script in 30 days. Watch out April 2011!




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25 08 2010

Writing scripts is fun, I don’t think my directionals are really all that good and I probably never rise above writing b-level action or horror, but I enjoy it. I wrote an unofficial sequel to a horror movie called “Feast” that I was sure would never see a sequel, let alone two. The screenwriters went on to do “Saw IV-VII (aka 3D).” It’s called “The Harvest” and essentially rehashes the siege movie elements of “Feast” except in a diner and then a farmhouse. I ended up padding the script with all manner of gay jokes to push it past ninety pages. It’s immature, vulgar and disgusting (i.e. fun).

The second is taking a little longer to write because I ignore it for long stretches of time, but it was supposed to be a fun, stupid action movie because I came up with the idea after I watched the Brandon Lee movie “Rapid Fire.” First, it’s about a black guy, a white guy and a Jew who walk into a bar and they were all supposed to have ethnicity specific fighting styles. The Jewish/Israeli guy would do Krav Maga, the white guy was a boxer and the black guy would know some African martial art. It’s hard to write action scenes that specific so the idea, on paper at least, was abandoned.

Second, let’s put more f-words in it than “The Departed” (at over 200 that won’t happen, but I put in thirty-nine in thirteen pages). That idea also failed.

Now, we have the simple premise of “Black Heat, White Lightning” about a black police officer on a forced sabbatical who returns home to visit his brother only to find out he’s dead. So he teams up with his brother’s boss (the Jewish guy) and a local Neo-Nazi framed for his brother’s death to find the murderer and take down a local drug kingpin.

8 09 2010

You’ve got quite the repertoire going. It turns out that I have much more fun coming up with plots and story arcs than I do actually writing the scripts. For me, there’s something oddly hollow about writing with nothing but dialogue and stage directions. Then again, one of my playwright friends commented to me the other day, “What’s the point of writing it down if it isn’t dialogue?”

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