Challenging Myself

9 02 2010

I signed up yesterday for Script Frenzy, which begins April 1.  As a participant, I have 30 days (i.e., the month of April) to write 100 pages of a script.  Mind you, I have no idea what I’m doing–I’ve never written a script, nor have I ever really considered writing one before I started thinking about joining the Script Frenzy challenge.  So why am I doing it?

The hardest part of writing for me is writing dialogue.  I tend to feel the dialogue from all my characters ends up sounding the same–I have a hard time finding individual voices for my characters.  Because dialogue is hard for me, I’m terrified of writing scripts: Scripts are entirely made up of dialogue.  But what are fears for if they’re not for facing down and conquering?

A writer friend of mine said she was also considering Script Frenzy, so I decided if she could take the plunge, I could, too.  After all, I’m not shooting for the best script ever–or even a script I’d want anyone else to see.  My goal is to simply complete the challenge and know that I can grow through trying new styles of writing.

Plus, a cool side effect of the challenge is that I get to try Scrivener‘s screenwriting side of its program.




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